CHPSTIX - Ready to box

It is the best collaboration so far. The products are quality and executed on time.

EURCOMTUR - Vending machines for hot and cold drinks

We are very satisfied with the cardboard cups we ordered. It is one of the most serious manufacturers of cardboard cups in Romania, excellent quality/price ratio.

About Us

Our production of packaging, cardboard cups, soup bowls, fast food packaging is made at our factory in Ludus, Mures county. Our company has a presence on the market in Romania and Europe for more than 5 years.

Our machines are of high productivity, having a team trained at the highest level, we are able to satisfy the highest demands of our customers. Since 2017, we have continuously improved our standards.

Flexibility and innovation

Innovation is our basic strategy, we constantly seek and improve our packaging production and we constantly ensure that the raw materials used are environmentally friendly and come from sources approved by the EU.


Production hall

Production of cardboard cups, soup bowls, food boxes

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Production of cardboard cups

Vending and Horeca paper cups

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Custom paper cups

Own production: 4Oz, 7Oz, 8Oz, 12Oz, 16Oz

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Flexo, 6 culours, high resolution.

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