Our services

Why are we different? Our clients say that our technique is very good together with our responsible approach and quality assurance. We invest in the best machines in the field - our people being highly trained and determined.

You never have to worry about the orders you place with us in the factory, we will always find the best solutions and help you to complete your projects.

Flexo printing in 6 colors, high productivity

We assure you of the quality of our print and that we will always respect the graphics you provide us for your packaging.

Punching from the roll, high speed

We have the best workers, specialized in this field so that your orders will be executed promptly and with quality.

What we offer you

  • White cardboard cups
  • Vending cardboard cups
  • Horeca cardboard cups
  • Kraft cardboard cups
  • White soup bowls
  • Kraft soup Bowls
  • Small, medium and large noodle boxes
  • All our products can be customized


  • 2017 March
  • 2018 June
  • 2019 May
  • 2022 January


Production hall

Production of cardboard cups, soup bowls, food boxes

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Production of cardboard cups

Vending and Horeca paper cups

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Custom paper cups

Own production: 4Oz, 7Oz, 8Oz, 12Oz, 16Oz

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Flexo, 6 culours, high resolution.

0745 795 932

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